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Topics to Re-Evaluate – Work In Progress

Draft of a rough analysis of topics to review based on verses excluded from the UPDV Bible. Uses Thompson Chain Reference for analysis. Version 6 – Aug 18, 2020 – Includes verse references and fixes some topics.

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Keeping The Genders

Gender has been generally translated literally in the UPDV Bible. The following general guidelines are used to distinguish the various meanings: Gender in The New TestamentThe current usage of gender in the New Testament is similar tothe guidelines noted below…

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Showing the Plurals

Have you ever wondered if the word “you” or “your” referred to more than just one person in the Bible? In earlier forms of English, Bibles such as the King James Version used words other than just “you”. Words such…

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Yahweh as The Name of God

In the Old Testament, the names “Yahweh” (a personal namefor God) and “Yah” (a contracted form of Yahweh) are usedinstead of what is rendered in many versions as “LORD.”In addition to the name “Yahweh,” the name “SovereignYahweh” is used when…

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Summary List of Excluded Passages in New Testament

Based on previous articles, there are a number of parts of existing versions of the New Testament that should not be relied on as primary sources for Biblical teachings. Below is a summary of the books and passages that should…

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Just the Facts in Luke

Luke Chapters 1 and 2 – There is evidence that the early life ofChrist probably was not in the original gospel account fromwhich Luke is derived. The Book of Matthew was likewise foundto include similar material of a doubtful origin….

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The Gospel of John Without The Extra Ending

Although known manuscripts contain the passages of John 19:36-21:25, they are likely to be additions by someone other than the original author. Accordingly, this text has not been included in the UPDV Bible. The reasons for this determination include the…

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Reconstructing the Book of Matthew

The Book of Matthew in the UPDV Bible is a reconstructed text generally based on the use of existing material from Matthew, as well as being supplemented or modified with text from Mark and Luke. The chapters and verses in…

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The Book of Acts Is Fictional And Should Not Be In The Bible

The book of the Acts of the Apostles is not included in the UPDV Bible. It appears that the book of Acts was generally based on historical people and events for its outline; however, many of the details within it…

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The Speech In John 1:1 – Finding Jesus Christ In The Old Testament

In the beginning was the Speech, and the Speech was with God, and the Speech was God. The UPDV Updated Bible Version translates ‘the Word’ in John 1:1 as ‘the Speech’.[1] The reason for this is to restore the original…