The Gospel of John Without The Extra Ending

Although known manuscripts contain the passages of John 19:36-21:25, they are likely to be additions by someone other than the original author. Accordingly, this text has not been included in the UPDV Bible.

The reasons for this determination include the following:

1) The wording of John 19:35 seems to be the most natural
ending of the book. Note the similar endings at John 20:30-31
and 21:24-25 which progressively imitate and expand the
ending at John 19:35. This may indicate two additional layers of
expansion in the ending of the text of John.

2) John’s ending at 3 John 1:12 is similar to John 19:35.

3) Several elements of style and vocabulary are not consistent
with the author’s writing in other places.

4) Generally, the content in this section conflicts with, or is not
substantiated by, parallel accounts in the New Testament.

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